Bands On The Sand 2012

From our Gulf Coast Vacation Rental Office in St Petersburg, FL- If you are visiting our beautiful beaches this Memorial Day Weekend; join us at Bands On The Sand. This event is located at 104th Avenue & Gulf Boulevard, Treasure Island, on the beach in front of The Bilmar Hotel. This year bands will be playing both Saturday, May 26th and Sunday, May 27th and  begin playing at 11am and play until 9pm both days. Admission is free, however parking on the beach is $10.00. The line up for the weekend is:

Saturday, Exchange plays rock ‘n’ roll covers at 11am, the teenage sensations Sound Parlor play classic rock and originals at 12:30pm, Hubbtones rock out with the searing guitar work of Jerry Outlaw at 2pm, Sunza Beaches bash out sunny beach-life songs at 3:45pm, Have Gun, Will Travel bring their hooky Americana songs to the stage at 5:30pm, and Steve Arvey’s Horn Band swings the blues and soul at 7:15pm. Fireworks start around 9pm.

On Sunday, Shoeless Soul opens at noon with original jazzy feel-good music, Jubal’s Kin play their Appalachian-infused cosmic Americana at 1pm, Sarah Mac Band plays laid-back jam-pop at 2pm, The Human Condition plays roots rock ‘n’ roll at 3:30pm, Funky Seeds smoke the stage at 5:15pm with reggae grooves, funk, blues and Latin jazz, and Tampa Bay’s jam band masters Cope play at 7pm.

Make sure you arrive ready to eat, drink and listen to some great music. Food, drinks and concessions will be set up around the stage. Look forward to seeing you all there.

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A playground for all ages at Blue Waters Beach Club

From our Gulf Coast Vacation Rental Office in St Petersburg, FL- Gulf Coast Vacation Rentals are not all the same.  At Blue Waters Beach Club on Sunset Beach in Treasure Island, Florida, our property is the most unique and beautiful in the area. For families traveling with children, it offers the best playground anywhere on the beach directly across the street and there are comfortable picnic tables for the adults to relax at while the children play. It is also a great place to have your lunch, throw a ball or play Frisbee. The sound of the ocean and the gentle breeze will create waves of relaxation and enjoyment for your whole family.

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Clearwaters “Dolphin Tale” makes a splash

From our Gulf Coast Vacation Rental Office in St Petersburg, FL- Even on sunny, beach vacations there is a need for indoor activities. The Clearwater Marine Aquarium is a great choice, especially with the upcoming movie “Dolphin Tale 3:D” being released Friday, September 23, 2011. The movie, about a dolphin rescued off the coast of Florida when she was just three months old, stars Harry Connick Jr., Ashley Judd and Morgan Freeman and was mostly tapped in Pinellas County. In 2005 a fishing boat found Winter trapped in a crab trap that had cut off blood flow to her tail. She was transported to the Clearwater Marine Aquarium where they did not think she would even survive, let alone swim again. With the help of Kevin Carroll, Vice President of Prosthetics for Hanger Prosthetics and Orthotics, she was fitted for a prosthetic tail and has made a full recovery. She continues to be an inspiration for many children and adults with disabilities. Hype over the movie brought more than 32,000 people to the aquarium in July alone.

Clearwater Marine Aquarium: visit The aquarium is open weekdays 9am to 5pm, Saturday 9am to 7pm and Sunday 10am to 5pm. Admission is $14.95 for adults and $9.95 for children ages 3-12.



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Super (end of) Summer Specials

08/16 – 09/10/2011

Lazy Dolphin                         $600 Off Weekly

GulfShores                             $600 Off Weekly

Nautical Watch                   $400 Off Weekly

Sunset House                       $400 Off Weekly

Beach Place                          $300 Off Weekly

Island Shores                      $100 Off Weekly

08/20 – 09/10/2011

Gulfside Terrace                $600  Off Weekly

Island Breezes                     $600  Off Weekly

Hemmingway Unit A         $500 Off Weekly

Hemmingway Unit B         $400 Off Weekly

Island Retreat                     $200 Off Weekly

Blue Waters Beach Club

# 6, 10 ,11,12,14                    $300 Off Weekly

# 7                                              $300 Off Weekly

# 2, 8, 9                                     $250 Off Weekly

# 3, 4, 5                                     $150 Off Weekly       

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Summer Specials

$200 off

Beach Place: June 12th to July 2nd

Hemmingway House Unit A: June 4th to June 25th

Blue Waters (2 bd): June 4th to 11th and June 11th- 18th

Tropical Breezes: June 18th- June 25th

$400 off

Lazy Dolphin: June 12th to June 25th

Sunset House: June 4th- 11th and June 18th – July 2nd

Nautical Watch: June 4th- June 11th

$100 off

Blue Waters Studios: June 4th to 11th and 11th- 18th

Blue Waters 2, 8 & 9 (1BR): June 4th to 11th and 11th- 18th

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Gulf Coast Vacationers can now enjoy the New Dali Museum

24 years and 20,000 square feet of Dali in Downtown Saint Petersburg
Reynolds Morse and Eleanor Reese Morse bought their first Dali painting in 1943 as a late wedding gift to each other. They intended on starting a surrealist collection and ended up with 96 of Dali’s Oil Paintings. People, especially Eleanor’s father, thought they had “taken leave of (their) senses” for spending so much money on such wild art work, but they never looked at it as an investment- they truly loved Dali’s work. And thus when it came time to donate the collection in the late 1970’s they had only one stipulation- all of the art work must be kept together. Saint Petersburg was the only city willing to keep the collection in tact and opened the doors to the Dali Museum on March 7, 1982. As more works came to the Dali Museum (drawings, fine prints and photos) it was clear a larger space was needed and plans started in 2002. Unfortunately, neither Mr. nor Mrs. Morse lived to see the New Dali Museum (all 20,000 square feet) that opened on January 11, 2011, with Mrs. Morse passing away just six months before its grand opening in July 2010.

Visit all the New Dali Museum has to offer 7 days a week. ( Stop in on Thursday nights after 5pm for a discounted rate of only $10.00. Call Daudelin Vacation Rentals for information on discounted tickets (727) 289-7115.

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Special rates for the week of 02/12/11 thru 02/19/11

FOR WEEK 02/12/11 – 02/19/11- $600 off our 3/BR homes, $500 off “Lazy Dolphin” beach home, $400 off our 2/BR Cottages, and $200 off our 1/BR Cabanas

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The Beaches Are Beautiful


This is a quote on the City of St. Petersburg official website.  Click here for the full article


This is a great time of year for a Gulf Coast Vacation.  The air temperature is in the 80s and the water temperature is close to 90.

To see some awesome pictures of great Gulf Coast Vacation Rentals click here

See you at the beach

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Treasure Island Beauty

Hello, Today is a beautiful day in Treasure Island. We are stopping by to check on one of our Treasure Island Beach House rentals and then we are heading down to the beach to catch the sunset and have a tasty beverage.

We are so grateful the oil spill has spared our beaches.  Ahhh   Life in paradise!!

Blue Waters Beach Club Unit 3 Front of Unit

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Sunset Beach Blue Waters Beach Club

Hello, This is Larry Daudelin and I am attaching two videos for you,  so you can see the front of Blue Waters beach Club in Sunset Beach and also the walkway to the beach and the beach itself. 

 My dog Vaska is very shy in front of the camera and was trying to escape the spotlight.

  You can go to our website to see pictures of Blue Waters Beach Club.  I look forward to your comments.

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